Rieth Family Update

We thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers over this last 2 years. When Marion was diagnosed with both “Triple-Negative” breast cancer and pancreatic cancer in August of 2017, we had no idea that it was just the beginning of our “time in the desert”.

For those that haven’t heard. After Marion became ill, Pastor Bob was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in April of 2018. After a very tough touch-&-go 28 days in the hospital, he finally got to come home. In August of 2018, Marion passed away from her cancer.

This obviously hit us pretty hard. She was the center of so much. The family, the back-up for Bob and MFI. She was Wife, Mom, Sister and Grandma and Aunt and is sorely missed.

Pastor Bob is “cancer free for now”. We are so thankful!! It’s a true answer to prayer.

Paul continues to get better physically. Unfortunately, his memory loss is still an issue. We continue to pray that the Lord will heal him.

Renae is often the voice on the phone when you call MFI, and she is the office administrator. She is also Pastor Bob & Marion’s daughter. In May 2019, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. In June, she had surgery to remove the upper left lobe of her lung, and by the end of October she was finished with chemotherapy.

Renae continues to heal and is working on regaining her strength. Through it all, even when things were the hardest, our family felt the presence of our Lord. He gave us strength and peace in the knowledge that no matter what -the worst the world could do was to deliver us into the arms of our Father.

We thank you for your continued prayers.

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