From the Director


I am so thankful this holiday season. Life seems to move quicker and quicker around us. But I feel so fortunate to be able to have my family around me at the Holiday’s.

We are very thankful for the Lord’s presence, He watches over us and our confidence is in Him for the future. I am so very grateful for provision and promise and I am reminded
so often of His love for us.

I look forward to Christmas with my family. Then a New Year, with all that the Lord has prepared. Both in my family and with Media Fellowship International

I am thankful for the opportunities to share the Lord in my personal life, our
congregation and the people with whom I meet throughout the US and other countries.
We continue to see people accept the Lord every month. What a joy!

I am thankful for each small group Bible Study. These are wonderful
opportunities for sharing, growth, outreach and an opportunity of building up
the body of Christ.

As we look to the future we are praying for guidance in growing and
strengthening our Bible Study programs in areas that have expressed interest.
Right now, we have people from three cities expressing interest in
beginning new studies in their area.

We are praying for our Emergency Outreach teams, and our Chaplaincy Program. We hope to revitalize and streamline these programs during the next year as well.

As we look ahead. We are pursuing the development of a rehab center. Where faith
will be incorporated into the program, from the time someone comes through the door.
This gives the opportunity of working with individuals to encourage and strengthen them.
It’s is our goal to set individuals free from addiction, to help them get re-established in a strong
stable and effective personal life. We hope to give each person renewed hope, and a vision
for a better life

But along with that, It is our goal and prayer that we will continue to see people come to know Jesus Christ as Savior; to see people rooted and grounded in their faith; and to see families becoming strong, and stable. Growing in their love for Him and each other.

For all the above my heart is filled with Hope.
For the opportunity to continue sharing His love with each of you, I am filled with Joy
For this Christmas Season, I pray that you know His love.

In His love and mine,
Pastor Bob and Family.



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Kenmore, WA 98028

Phone: 206-617-7574
Fax: 425-488-8531

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