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Destination Jerusalem

--Destination Jerusalem

Recently at our annual Fall Praise Breakfast, MFI presented the Andrew Award to CBN Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell.


Chris Mitchell was presented with the Andrew Award by Pastor Bob. This award honored him for bringing others to Christ through his honest reporting of the situation in the Middle East.   Chris gave a sobering assessment of what was happening in Jerusalem and surrounding areas and how it relates to Biblical prophecy.  

Chris has made his most recent book, Destination Jerusalem, available for us to pass along to you for a donation to Media Fellowship.      

Destination Jerusalem: Isis, “convert or Die,” Christian Persecution and Preparing for the Days Ahead

ISIS stunned the world with its Islamic blitzkrieg that swept through Syria and northern Iraq and declared an Islamic caliphate for the first time in nearly one hundred years. Once again, Christians bore the brunt of this menace. These militants forced tens of thousands of Christians to flee their ancient homes and gave them four grisly choices: pay the Islamic tax for infidels, leave, convert, or die by the sword. Hamas also sparked a fifty-day war demonstrating that their agenda remains the same: “End of the Jewish State.” Israel found herself once more in the vanguard against radical Islam. Her future is wedded to our own since jihadists see Israel as the “little Satan” and the U.S. as the “big Satan.”

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell landed on the front lines of these conflicts. In Destination Jerusalem, he brings you firsthand accounts of the men, women, and children caught in these fiery trials. Their story lines resound with the grand themes of our age: the rise of radical Islam, the ongoing persecution—some say ethnic cleansing—of Christians in the Middle East, and the centrality of Jerusalem in world history.




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